Homegrown is humbling

There is something so rewarding about eating food picked from my own garden!  The fact that my un-green gardening fingers didn’t taint the vegetables to doom is quite something.  Today for lunch I picked some beautiful butter lettuce from our vege patch and added it to some rye-vita, white fish and our beautiful handmade sauce, Pauli’s Saffron Chilli Chutney.  It was wholesome and humbling… I am grateful for the space we have to grow our own vegetables and for the rains that we have recently been blessed with. 

Know thy Food

Our 6 year old son, Max, asked me the other day if an ‘apple was made by scientists or are they from the ground?’

‘Why?’ I asked. 

‘Because if they are from the ground then they are natural and healthy.’ He answered as he crunched into his juicy red apple.  

I thought that this was a profound thought and so true.  If he can think like this about all the food he eats I will be a very happy mom. 

And his thought about healthy food entrenched my need to make sure I know what we eat as a family and also reinforces my passion of providing real, good food to the public in the healthy sauces we sell.