Hidden Gems

The struggle is real… how to feed as many vegetables to our kids to ensure they are healthy, functioning little beings 🥕

I was once given advice by a healthcare professional to make sure there are at least 5 different colours of vegetables in a meal!! 5?! 

So I call upon my creative spirit at dinner time to come out and play when cooking for my family… instead of using potatoes for cottage pie… I use cauliflower mash (white); add carrots (orange); baby marrow (green); yellow pepper and red onion to the mince – and there you have it!  Five vegetables on a plate. Result!  And every bit on their plates were eaten and enjoyed. 

And for another meal I flattened chicken breasts and crumbed them with crushed almonds and egg and baked them in the oven for 15 min.  This I served with sweet potato, butternut and spinach mash; and sweet corn. I garnished the plate with baby tomatoes. Five different colours of veges… and again the food was finished. Devoured actually. 

Happy kids = happier mom. 

Yours in Good Food,

Dianne @ Pauli’s Food Co