What great fun to work with LOVILEE and team on this Greenery collaborative shoot.  

Pauli’s provided the entrees and favours and we loved being on the table set by Table + Cloth.  Photos taken by the very talented Wynand van Der Merwe. 

Inspiration can come from places we least expect… look how the tables were decorated with lush green delicious monster leaves. 

Yours in good food,

Dianne @ Pauli’s Food Co

A little something for everyone

I love to cook a dish we call ‘Sausauge Italiano’ … a meal loved by the kids and adults!  It has something for everyone. Lovely meaty flavours, sweet Tomali tastes and a gravy that reminds me of my childhood. 

And the best part… I load it with veggies (whatever I can find in the fridge) to make sure that the daily vegetable intake is taken care of 😋  I serve it with sweet potato and pumpkin mash.  Everyone comes back for seconds!

Pauli’s products used… Tomali and Anytime Brinjal and Peppers ​

Yours in good food,