It’s Taco Monday

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On Sunday the kids watched the movie Turbo, and there are two very happy brothers who own a Taco Food Truck, called Dos Bros Tacos. Max, all of 7, worked out that this means ‘Two Brothers Tacos’… and then he asked me if we could have Tacos for supper. So it’s Monday, and guess what’s for dinner? Tomali and Zucchini & Peppers Chicken Tacos.   I bought the Mexicorn GMO and preservative free Tacos – they are so easy to heat because they are par-cooked. All it takes is 3 ½ minutes in the oven to heat. This recipe will make Tacos for 4 people – serve with a side salad or salsa, or some rice.


1 tablespoon of unsalted butter

½ a red onion

1 teaspoon of Chipotle Spice (or paprika, salt and pepper)

4 tablespoons Pauli’s Tomali (if you want adult only Tacos – use Pauli’s Saffron Chilli Chutney in place of the Tomali)

4 forkfuls of Pauli’s Anytime Zucchini & Peppers

4 free-range chicken breasts

½ head of lettuce

2 cups of grated cheese – here you can get creative… add Avo, crème fraiche, or some Pauli’s Something Hotter for some heat

12 Mexicron Tacos

How to:

Heat the butter in a wok / pan

Pre-heat the oven to 180°C

Throw the onion into the wok and cook together for about 3 minutes on high heat until the onion is soft

Add the Chipotle spice and salt and pepper

Cut up the chicken breasts into small cubes and add to the onion, stir together for about 2 minutes until the breasts change colour from pink to white

Add the Pauli’s sauces and cook together for another 10 minutes on med-low heat – this is such a quick meal!

Place the Taco shells on the rack of the pre-heated oven and cook for 3 ½ minutes

Now for the fun part – create your own Taco to your taste – add the lettuce, the cooked chicken mix, cheese, avo, crème fraiche… Pauli’s Something Hotter (adults only) and serve – best enjoyed watching a good movie together.

Family favourite… Spaghetti bolognese 

We are so lucky to have The Farm Table grocery store in our suburb of Linden, Johannesburg.  They sell organic vegetables, free range lamb and beef, chicken and other groceries and they also stock our sugar free Pauli’s sauce range.  I bought free range beef mince, farm fresh butternut and organic, locally grown baby tomatoes and made a delicious family favourite… Spaghetti bolognese – also using our Pauli’s Tomali and Pauli’s Anytime Zucchini  & Peppers.  

How to:

Fry 1/2 an onion and 1/2 yellow pepper in coconut oil until soft; add 500 g beef mince and brown together for about 5 minutes.  Add salt and pepper and Italian herbs; throw in 4 tablespoons of Pauli’s Tomali; add a can of Italian plum tomatoes. Stir together.  Cook for another 5 min on med-high heat.  I added 2 forkfuls of Pauli’s Zucchini & Peppers.  This product adds amazing flavour. 

I then throw in any other veggies that I have left over in my fridge.  Today I added a handful of cabbage and some chopped butternut (adds beautiful sweetness and the cabbage tenderizes the mince).  Cook for another 25 min on a low heat.  Serve with spaghetti or Zucchini ‘pasta’ for a low-carb option. 

Look how much it was enjoyed  
Yours in good food,

Dianne @ Pauli’s Food Co

Easy Chicken and Veg bake

I love cooking this dish using (possibly our two most versatile products) Pauli’s Tomali and Pauli’s Anytime Zucchini & Peppers…


4 x free range chicken breasts – slice them open down the middle

250g chopped butternut or pumpkin (or however much you have in the fridge) – this adds beautiful sweetness

3 tblsp of Pauli’s Tomali and 3 tblsp of Pauli’s Anytime Zucchini & Peppers

Handful of feta cheese

Quinoa to serve 


Heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius 

Lay the chicken breasts onto some foil in a casserole dish

Throw in the pumpkin

Add the Pauli’s Tomali and Pauli’s Zucchini & Peppers (make sure to cover all the chicken with the sauces, the chicken must be lying underneath the sauces).

Cover the chicken and bake for 20 min. After 20 min, open up the foil and bake for a further 5 min.  This will brown the chicken a bit.

Serve with quinoa – be sure to add the juices from the dish over your chicken and quinoa. 

Full of nutrients and goodness and this dish is loved by all!

Saved by Pauli’s Brinjal & Peppers

This evening I was rushing to make dinner for the family after a busy day only to find no fresh vegetables in the fridge!   I had planned to make a spaghetti bolognese and I usually load this dish with hidden veggies like carrots, broccoli and whatever other veggies I can find. 

I always add our Pauli’s Tomali (a beautiful, robust tomato relish) to this recipe and as I was reaching for it I looked at the bottle of Pauli’s Anytime Brinjal & Peppers and a thought struck me… this sauce is loaded with Brinjals and red peppers, garlic and extra virgin olive oil… a whole lot of goodness and vegetables!  I grabbed the bottle and emptied a third of it into my bolognese mix and then added the Tomali. 

The results…. absolutely delicious. The Brinjals & Peppers altered the taste in the most surprising way.  It created a melange of rich meaty flavour to the dish that I can still taste. 

My recipe… chop up a red onion, fry it for a minute with coconut oil. Add 500 grams of mince.  Add 3 tablespoons of Pauli’s Anytime Brinjal & Peppers and 2 tablespoons of Pauli’s Tomali.  Brown all ingredients together for another 5 minutes in medium heat.  Add any other veggies you desire (chopped baby marrows, mushrooms, etc).  Add a can of chopped tomatoes and cook for a further 20 minutes.  Serve with pasta of your choice (I made zucchini pasta).   

This dish will leave a lasting impression!