Saved by Pauli’s Brinjal & Peppers

This evening I was rushing to make dinner for the family after a busy day only to find no fresh vegetables in the fridge!   I had planned to make a spaghetti bolognese and I usually load this dish with hidden veggies like carrots, broccoli and whatever other veggies I can find. 

I always add our Pauli’s Tomali (a beautiful, robust tomato relish) to this recipe and as I was reaching for it I looked at the bottle of Pauli’s Anytime Brinjal & Peppers and a thought struck me… this sauce is loaded with Brinjals and red peppers, garlic and extra virgin olive oil… a whole lot of goodness and vegetables!  I grabbed the bottle and emptied a third of it into my bolognese mix and then added the Tomali. 

The results…. absolutely delicious. The Brinjals & Peppers altered the taste in the most surprising way.  It created a melange of rich meaty flavour to the dish that I can still taste. 

My recipe… chop up a red onion, fry it for a minute with coconut oil. Add 500 grams of mince.  Add 3 tablespoons of Pauli’s Anytime Brinjal & Peppers and 2 tablespoons of Pauli’s Tomali.  Brown all ingredients together for another 5 minutes in medium heat.  Add any other veggies you desire (chopped baby marrows, mushrooms, etc).  Add a can of chopped tomatoes and cook for a further 20 minutes.  Serve with pasta of your choice (I made zucchini pasta).   

This dish will leave a lasting impression!


What great fun to work with LOVILEE and team on this Greenery collaborative shoot.  

Pauli’s provided the entrees and favours and we loved being on the table set by Table + Cloth.  Photos taken by the very talented Wynand van Der Merwe. 

Inspiration can come from places we least expect… look how the tables were decorated with lush green delicious monster leaves. 

Yours in good food,

Dianne @ Pauli’s Food Co

A little something for everyone

I love to cook a dish we call ‘Sausauge Italiano’ … a meal loved by the kids and adults!  It has something for everyone. Lovely meaty flavours, sweet Tomali tastes and a gravy that reminds me of my childhood. 

And the best part… I load it with veggies (whatever I can find in the fridge) to make sure that the daily vegetable intake is taken care of 😋  I serve it with sweet potato and pumpkin mash.  Everyone comes back for seconds!

Pauli’s products used… Tomali and Anytime Brinjal and Peppers ​

Yours in good food,


Hidden Gems

The struggle is real… how to feed as many vegetables to our kids to ensure they are healthy, functioning little beings 🥕

I was once given advice by a healthcare professional to make sure there are at least 5 different colours of vegetables in a meal!! 5?! 

So I call upon my creative spirit at dinner time to come out and play when cooking for my family… instead of using potatoes for cottage pie… I use cauliflower mash (white); add carrots (orange); baby marrow (green); yellow pepper and red onion to the mince – and there you have it!  Five vegetables on a plate. Result!  And every bit on their plates were eaten and enjoyed. 

And for another meal I flattened chicken breasts and crumbed them with crushed almonds and egg and baked them in the oven for 15 min.  This I served with sweet potato, butternut and spinach mash; and sweet corn. I garnished the plate with baby tomatoes. Five different colours of veges… and again the food was finished. Devoured actually. 

Happy kids = happier mom. 

Yours in Good Food,

Dianne @ Pauli’s Food Co

What your body needs

We are so lucky to have family who run a berry farm… we got to see first hand how blueberries are grown and picked. 

I loved being back on the farm, smelling the wet soil, seeing how humans, machines and processes work together to produce something for so many.  And I learnt so much about how these berries are grown and looked after.

We got to eat as many as we liked and their fleshy fruit is so flavoursome and delish. 

All plant foods contain phytonutrients which are natural chemicals that act as abundunt antioxidants. These powerful little blueberries play an important role in our diet and are known to have anti-cancer, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties. 

These lovely little berries make it easy to eat lots of antioxidants and fill our diet with colour and nutrients to keep us healthy. 

May your 2017 be blessed!

Yours in good food and health,

Dianne @ Pauli’s Food Co

Holiday snacking

It’s so good to be on holiday in my hometown East London. The sea is ever present, the Christmas beetles are buzzing loudly and the kids are having a great time swimming, running, playing and bonding with family. 

It’s easy to keep to a healthy eating routine while on holiday if you plan well and make good snack choices. 

I always love to have our Pauli’s Anytime Zucchini & Peppers on hand to add to a quick summer salad.

Or for a yummy addition to a braai, I add Pauli’s Anytime Brinjal & Peppers to quinoa (or you can use couscous or brown rice). 

Yours in holiday, good food and health,


Homegrown is humbling

There is something so rewarding about eating food picked from my own garden!  The fact that my un-green gardening fingers didn’t taint the vegetables to doom is quite something.  Today for lunch I picked some beautiful butter lettuce from our vege patch and added it to some rye-vita, white fish and our beautiful handmade sauce, Pauli’s Saffron Chilli Chutney.  It was wholesome and humbling… I am grateful for the space we have to grow our own vegetables and for the rains that we have recently been blessed with. 

Know thy Food

Our 6 year old son, Max, asked me the other day if an ‘apple was made by scientists or are they from the ground?’

‘Why?’ I asked. 

‘Because if they are from the ground then they are natural and healthy.’ He answered as he crunched into his juicy red apple.  

I thought that this was a profound thought and so true.  If he can think like this about all the food he eats I will be a very happy mom. 

And his thought about healthy food entrenched my need to make sure I know what we eat as a family and also reinforces my passion of providing real, good food to the public in the healthy sauces we sell. 

Meat free Monday

I try and adhere to a self imposed Meat-free-Monday philosophy in our house to ensure that our family eats the recommended amount of omega oils and fatty fish every week. 

Tonight I am cooking some fresh Salmon that I bought at our local fishmonger and I am serving it with handcut pumpkin pieces (baked in the oven in coconut oil) and, something I have never attempted before… Split Green peas that I cooked from scratch. 

 The peas have a very earthy flavour and I decided to add some of our Pauli’s Brinjali while cooking and then used a hand blender to make it into a sort of mash. 

Results… even the kids asked for more!

Yours in food,



I love this quote… ‘Gastonomy governs the whole life of man.’ by Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.  

Eating is a human activity that brings people together across cultures, religions and countries.  It is a privilege to eat good food and I often spare a thought for those who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. 

The definition of gastronomy is ‘the practice of choosing, cooking and eating good food’ and while I have the means to choose what I eat and what I feed my family, I choose healthy options; low in added sugars and unnatural preservatives and additives. 

Our company makes beautiful sauces that are the gastronomic addition to all the meals and snacks that I make and for this I am grateful. 

Yours in good food, Dianne