I ❤️ Something Hotter

Tonight I am cooking a Chicken Thai Red Curry and instead of using shop bought curry paste (unfortunately most curry pastes will contain harmful Xanthan Gum and other preservatives) I used a tablespoon of our delicious Thai-styled Something Hotter and blended it with a big dollop of plain Greek yoghurt (not necessary for extreme Chilli lovers). 

Results… Simply Hot!

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My favourite salad dressing

The quest for eating good, healthy food should not mean eating tasteless, bland meals. 

Pauli’s Anytime Zucchini & Peppers is my favourite addition to any salad… It adds zest, roasted flavours and goodness.  If all you have in your fridge is lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber… your salad will instantly become gourmet if you throw some Zucchini & Peppers into the mix. 

This product has no added sugar and contains only extra virgin olive oil… so is great if you are leading a low carb-high fat diet. 

#lowcarb #nosugar #healthyfood

Chicken Cacciatore ala Pauli’s style 

I love one-pot dishes, maybe because they remind me of slow cooked potjiekos we used to enjoy as kids on the farm… 

Potjiekos is a traditional South African meal cooked in a cast iron, 3 legged pot (the potjie), cooked for hours over an open fire. I remember fondly my uncles and Dad chatting together as the potjie bubbled away, stoking the fire; while the women bonded in the kitchen, making home-made bread and other side dishes. 

As kids we would run around, playing, playing and playing some more, smelling the delicious meal being cooked on the fire and waiting patiently to eat it. 

These potjie gatherings were epic and it took hours before we ate. The fire would be started in the morning and the potjie would only be eaten in the early evening. 

We have bought a beautiful red cast iron pot for the Pauli’s kitchen, that we use in our pizza oven at home (it’s not the old-school black 3 legged pot, but it does the trick) and we cooked a whole chicken, some root vegetables, half a bottle of red wine (it’s important to ensure lots of liquid remains in the pot) and added 3 tablespoons of Pauli’s Tasty Tomali to the dish. 

The results were an empty pot at the end of the meal… It took me straight back to my childhood. 

Best shared with family and friends and great for a Sunday roast, ala South African style.  #PaulisfoodSA #traditionalfoodisbest #realfood

Easy like a Sunday morning

Pauli’s Saffron Chilli Chutney is the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday breakfast. Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, fresh chives and a healthy dollop of our delicious chutney. 

Contains low sugar and low sodium, soft honey notes of the royal Saffron spice. Go  on… Spoil yourself this Sunday. 

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For the love of Good Food

Our story begins almost 5 years ago when my husband, Pauli and I, decided to start a food company… producing and selling artisanal sauces.  

The word artisanal has the potential to sound pretentious, worry not.  What it means to us is that our sauces are hand made, slow cooked and contain no harmful products. They have integrity that can be tasted.  

It is really important to us that our family eats healthily and makes better choices about what we buy and eat. So we started Pauli’s Food Company to help us (and other consumers) on our way.