What your body needs

We are so lucky to have family who run a berry farm… we got to see first hand how blueberries are grown and picked. 

I loved being back on the farm, smelling the wet soil, seeing how humans, machines and processes work together to produce something for so many.  And I learnt so much about how these berries are grown and looked after.

We got to eat as many as we liked and their fleshy fruit is so flavoursome and delish. 

All plant foods contain phytonutrients which are natural chemicals that act as abundunt antioxidants. These powerful little blueberries play an important role in our diet and are known to have anti-cancer, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties. 

These lovely little berries make it easy to eat lots of antioxidants and fill our diet with colour and nutrients to keep us healthy. 

May your 2017 be blessed!

Yours in good food and health,

Dianne @ Pauli’s Food Co

Holiday snacking

It’s so good to be on holiday in my hometown East London. The sea is ever present, the Christmas beetles are buzzing loudly and the kids are having a great time swimming, running, playing and bonding with family. 

It’s easy to keep to a healthy eating routine while on holiday if you plan well and make good snack choices. 

I always love to have our Pauli’s Anytime Zucchini & Peppers on hand to add to a quick summer salad.

Or for a yummy addition to a braai, I add Pauli’s Anytime Brinjal & Peppers to quinoa (or you can use couscous or brown rice). 

Yours in holiday, good food and health,